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Monday, April 12, 2010

Should Your Child Have a Pet?

There comes a time when your kids will inevitably bring home a "pet". It may be a lizard, frog, spider or even a stray dog or cat that has followed them home. How would you feel about allowing your kids to keep the animal as their pet? Is it an animal that you could tolerate having in the house?

We would allow this and even encourage it providing the animal does not belong to another family and appears to be docile and you can take care of it financially. A child's acceptance of a pet indicates that the child may be longing for a companion that he can have constantly at his side. At the beginning your kids may not realize the extent of responsibility that is being placed on their shoulders. All they will see is a living "toy", something they can play with and see growing up in front of them. This is a new experience to them and we should encourage it. It helps them to understand the beauty of life. Show your kids that their pets are living animals just like us, and if we take pets into our care, we must take care of them.We could say that having a pet is an essential part of growing up. Kids often will love having a pet as a close companion and can really love their pets. Pets can bring about a calmness and peace to our kids as they nurture them.

In choosing to keep an animal as a pet we need to take into consideration whether our kids will enjoy this animal for a few years. If they will become easily bored with a pet then we would need to rethink it. Watch how your kids interact with your friend's pets. Take them to pet stores and show them the variety of animals that are available. Take a good look at the animals available and check out the care needed for each of the animals your kids are interested in. Find the right pet for your kids and your family. Small children may not be capable of handling and caring for large animals. Pick a pet that will fit into your lifestyle and environment.

Remember the time commitment that some pets will take. Some animals will need a lot of input from their little human companions if they are to be the only pet. Some animals such as guinea pigs and rats like to have another of their own kind as company.

The benefits of having the correct pet for your kids are huge. Your kids will learn from you how to nurture and care for a living thing. You will be able to teach them about hygiene and about feeding your pet. Your kids will learn from you how to be responsible for their pets needs. A pet's death will also help your children to deal with losses as they go through life.

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  1. Pets have positive effects on the development of children for they are very loving and loyal, responding to feelings of love and warmth. A child who owns a pet will grow up to be more caring and loving than kids who grew up without pets. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. God bless you too and thanks for the reply. Hope you will follow my blogs.

  3. Everyone should realise that owning a pet is for its entire life and some animals do have long lives. I owned a burmese cat who lived to be twenty. A well written and informative article thanks.

  4. Hi! Stopped by as I am a fellow pet lover. Please follow my blog as a courtesy for me following yours. Thanks! Have a great week.

  5. Actually there are adults who don't realize the extent of their responsibilities for bringing an animal home. I agree with your sentiments.


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