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Monday, April 12, 2010

Meaning of Pet Human Relationships

Now, more than ever before the relationship between a human being and his or her pet is an important one.

Dogs and Cats are comforting in times of sorrow and wonderful to have in the joyful times of your life as well. Think of that bouncing pooch so happy to greet you after a tough day at work, or the kitty you cuddle up with relaxing while you listen to your favorite show on TV.

Animals are so popular when visiting nursing homes that it almost breaks your heart. I think every nursing home should have a resident animal to visit the patients and keep them connected to life outside. I know that there are many people who travel to such facilities with animals to cheer up the patients, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were full time pets on hand to keep them entertained and interested in something outside of themselves?

One thing I’ve noticed is that people who love animals seem to like wearing animal jewelry. That’s not so surprising, but it can be a tough thing to locate good animal jewelry that looks realistic enough.

Since I’m crazy about cats and I wear several sterling silver charms on a bracelet, I was happy to find this fluffy little cat charm a while back. What I really like is their not-so-innocent expression. Who hasn’t had a cat like that?

I’ve noticed that other animals are popular as pets now, as well. Guinea pigs, for instance. And even rats! People tell me they are very intelligent- almost like having a small dog that can ride on your shoulder. I don’t know about that, but I’m sure there are some very charming rats.

Like all good pet owners, I’m sure to take my cats to the vet for her checkup 2 times a year. The last time I went I noticed the vets and the vet techs were wearing some interesting name badges . They really seemed to brighten up the hospital and put everyone in a good mood. That’s how it seemed to me, anyway!

Just like the nursing home, it’s a good thing to lighten up the atmosphere in any health care facility, even one devoted to caring for sick or injured animals. Because of course the animals won’t notice something like this, but the owners certainly will, and they’re under some stress for sure; worried about their darling pet.

Almost anyone who loves animals has had the experience of losing one after a wonderful lifetime of fun together. Perhaps that’s the downside of the pet-human experience, but on the other hand that is the way life is, and it’s better to experience it and have a bit of sadness than not to ever share in that wonderful experience.

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